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Main Street Martial Arts** Family Community Center and Black Belt Martial Arts Academy

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We are Main Street Martial Arts** Family Community Center and Black Belt Martial Arts Academy in Providence, Rhode Island, specializing in Martial Arts and Self-Defense training practice for individual men and women, families, and children.

What are you into?  The Process is EASY! 

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Just txtmsg or call Michael Werth Sensei volunteer owner/manager of Main Street Martial Arts at 1-401-345-9202 [txtmsg or vmail] and leave a message for me to make a free appointment for a free-trial class in any of our programs. 

I will call you back within a few hours and make an appointment for you.  After your free-trial class, we will discuss our schedule, pricing, and options for you.  We are open every day after school and Saturdays all day and Sunday mornings.  We are a non-profit and we can make a program for you to meet your budget.  Please call or txmsg to me and I will help you to get started.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, martial artist, or military veteran, we have programs that will gently build you up to becoming a powerful person in your mind, body, and spirit.  Give us a chance with a free trial! 

Ask me if we currently have any special promotions when you contact me for a free month or a free uniform when you join.  I will help you.

We are a non-profit Martial Arts Family Community Center, locally owned and operated by volunteer Providence East Side residents.  Our chief instructors all have over 20 years of experience working with people of all ages.  We are currently offering martial arts programs in Self Defense, Aikido, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai Kickboxing (MTK), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Karate, Sword (Bokken), and Spear (Jyo).  We welcome professional Providence martial artists residents interested in offering new programs at our location to contact Mr. Michael L. Werth Sensei, Head of School of Main Street Martial Arts.  If you are interested in teaching or helping to direct our Ultimate After School Program a few hours per day after school, then also please reach out to learn more!  For New Students and Families interested in joining or learning more about us, please call us or txtmsg to us at 1-401-345-9202 [tap number on your smart phone] or email to mainstma@gmail.com to schedule a free-trial class* for yourself, for your children, or for your family.  Please call the studio at 1-401-274-7672 if you have any other questions.




* Free-Trial Class:  You may call 1-401-345-9202 for a free-trial class for beginning classes starting this winter and spring in January, February, March, April and May.  Please ask Michael Werth Sensei when you call or txtmsg to 1-401-345-9202 about any current special offers, offered exclusively through this web site, which may include a free month and a free uniform if you decide to enroll for an ongoing monthly program after the first free month. The one-month free special is good for adult individuals as well as youth and families. We're looking forward to working with you!


Check out our After-School Program Flier enrolling now for the winter and spring sessions! Click Link ----> After School Flier 2017



Our Coaches

Our staff and instructors at Main Street Martial Arts work on a year-round basis to make sure that your experience at Main Street Martial Arts is the best that it can be.  All staff members and instructors are approachable at any time to answer your questions about the school, to address any concerns that you may have, and to support you in every way possible.

Our Principles                                                                                (From Birankai NA)

  • We are dedicated to the sincere practice of the art of Aikido as created by its founder, M. Ueshiba, and transmitted by his student, T.K. Chiba, Shihan.
  • We each integrate our training into a way of life such that our training adds to our total development as individuals; across our physical, mental, spiritual, and social dimensions.
  • We continually challenge ourselves to deeper personal growth by advancing our training in Aikido and augmenting it with related martial disciplines; particularly those derived from Iaido and Zen meditation practices.
  • We are generous in sharing our experience with our juniors and welcome all people to join our community of practice.

Our Vision                                                                                       (From Birankai NA)

Aikido training leads to personal transformations. Relentless and rigorous pursuit of this training, in an inclusive and nurturing environment of mutual respect, maximizes this transformation process. The inclusion of complimentary traditions such as Iaido and Zen meditation practices in our training also maximize this transformation process. These transformations result in positive impacts on our lives, relationships and communities. For example: overall health, a better understanding of how our actions affect others, an enhanced sense of personal responsibility, and a connectedness to the world around us.