Traditional Aikikai Aikido

Aikido: The Peaceful Martial Art

The idea of a peaceful martial art seems at first to be paradoxical and self-contradictory. But in this respect, Aikido is perhaps the most unique and beautiful of all the martial arts: it is defensive and non-aggressive both in its philosophy and techniques, yet incredibly versatile and practical.

Aikidoists do not try to initiate attacks, win fights, or defeat opponents. Instead, they seek to control and neutralize any threats not through sheer physical strength, but rather through flowing circular motions that blend with the energy of an attack and redirect that energy back through the attacker.

Instead of directly controlling an attack, the techniques of Aikido are designed to harmonize with the power and direction of the attack and convert it into a force that will unbalance the attacker and render him or her helpless. Attacks are then neutralized by the use of various compliant wristlocks and arm pins, rather than through aggressive kicks or blows.

Aikido: The Way of Harmony and Peaceful Spirit

The Japanese word "Aikido" is made up of three characters: Ai, Ki, and Do. Ai means to join, unify, or harmonize. Ki means energy or spirit, particularly a universal life force, essence, or the forces of nature. Do means a path or way of life, and signifies that Aikido involves not only self-defense techniques, but also positive character-building ideals, which a person can incorporate into his or her life. Taken together, the three characters mean "The Way of Harmony with the Spirit of the Universe."


Picture: Aikido Founder: Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei


Offerings Include:
  • Beginners will be carefully guided in an introductory program and paired with senior students to help build up their skills.
  • Aikido: Family Martial Arts (Ages 3 and Up): Our Family Martial Arts classes are a unique offering in the world of martial arts, yet bring us back to the original purpose of martial arts, and that is for family protection and well-being. Many self-proclaimed "modern" martial arts and sports martial arts with their emphasis on destroying others and "quick and easy" methodology do nothing for character development of children and have no purpose in true modern family values.¬†Families need a safe and healthy environment where they can train together, develop skills, build character, share strategies of defense, and develop and incomparable bond. Main Street Martial Arts provides this atmosphere and instructional pedagogy for all families to practice and grow together. As Aikido - Eastside is a traditional martial arts school that is not focused on competition against others, point-fighting, or on tournaments, we get back to the original purpose of martial arts, which was to practice with family members in order to pass on essential core values, protection, and resoluteness of character to the next generation. Join your child in our family practices and build an incomparable bond with your son or daughter.

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