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As if you needed another reason to donate to our endowment fund, here’s a video I just compiled showing the links between our founder and Birankai generations, as shown in one class from 2012 Summer Camp.
Watch Chiba Sensei demonstrate, then the other Birankai teachers. It’s truly inspiring.
The compilation above was sparked by the nice work of Francisco Del Valle at New York Aikikai holiday seminar last weekend — the third Aikido seminar I attended in as many weeks.
First was at Brooklyn Aikikai, where Jenny Flower Sensei of Athens took my breath away with her focused and powerful energy. Then I took a cheap flight west (thanks, Jet Blue!) to see John Brinsley Sensei at San Diego Aikikai, where he brought together the best of Hombu Dojo and the legacy of Jack Arnold Sensei’s classic Birankai Aikido.
Last, I was lucky to drop in to New York Aikikai and get some great training with our USAF friends. Yamada Sensei reiterated his support for our organization and his strong ties to Chiba Sensei and his family.
Through Birankai seminars and other events, our connection with the foundation of our Aikido is alive and well, but we need more resources to keep Chiba Sensei’s spirit thriving, especially in small and remote dojos.
If you can, please consider donating.

Liese Klein

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