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Summer Camp is almost here!

Birankai Summer Camp 2016 is a few days away! Summer Camp is almost here!  Eight members of our dojo are traveling to NYC and are looking forward to all the training and camaraderie to come.  But Summer Camp is more than an annual gathering of Aikidoka.  It is a tradition of passing on the knowledge…

Werth Sensei receives 2nd Dan Fukushidoin Certificate

Werth Sensei receives 2nd Dan Fukushidoin Certificate Phillip Traunstein Shidoin presented Michael Werth Sensei with his 2nd Dan Fukushidoin at the conclusion of a seminar to benefit T.K. and Mitsuko Chiba Seminar Endowment Fund on 10 April 2016. There were 13      students in attendance to appreciate their Sensei's recognition by Birankai for his skills and…

Joyful Melancholy

Joyful Melancholy Posted on March 29, 2016 6 Didier Boyet Shihan; his partner, Agnès Disson, and Miyamoto Shihan at the 7th dan celebration. By A. G. Peterson, Summit Aikikai Birankai North America President TOKYO – A group of Birankai North America teachers arrived in Japan last week for a visit with a two-fold purpose. First, we…

Chiba Sensei Biography Project Launched

Chiba Sensei Biography Project Launched Posted on March 8, 2016 By Liese Klein, Biran Editor Who was Chiba Sensei? What does it mean to practice his Aikido? What is his significance in the larger history of the art? Many of us have our own answers to these questions, but with our community spread out across…