Mr. Werth brings an incredible amount of energy and passion into his teaching and management at Main Street Martial Arts. These qualities have allowed him to maintain a loyal following of students and to create a thriving community-based program rooted in personal growth and achievement for both children and adults. Based on my own personal experience as Mr. Werth's student, I have found him to be an honest and forthright individual who sincerely wants his students to succeed.


Mr. Greg R., Wholesale Account Manager - October 2, 2008

Mr. Werth is an energetic, committed teacher who routinely goes above and beyond in order to encourage and engender success for his students and to improve the school. He is a clear thinker, ambitious in the best sense of the word, hard working, and visionary.

Dr. Larry D., Head of School - October 2, 2008

I hold Werth Sensei and the caliber of his work in the highest regard. I would recommend Werth Sensei, and have done so to many people, as someone with integrity, experience, knowledge and the ability and desire to work ceaselessly to improve others and a true leader who leads by example.

Mr. Richard D., Parent - October 2, 2008

Werth Sensei is a passionate and driven martial artist with a vision for positive change. He is excited about his art, and excited to benefit his community. I would recommend anyone interested in martial arts to check out his dojo in Providence and have some fun.

Mr. Daniel F., Martial Arts Instructor - October 1, 2008