I would definitely recommend Main Streets Martial Arts to anyone looking to get started in the martial arts. The positive training environment allows for all levels of training and the instructors really work with you to help you to achieve your goals.

As an Aikido and Iaijutsu student I've been challenged both physically and intellectually. Werth Sensei (Aikido) and McGuirl Sensei (Joshima Budo) are both friendly, approachable, and highly trained. MSMA keeps with dojo traditions while keeping the training fun and enjoyable.

If you're contemplating on where to start training, Main St. Martial Arts is the place to go to!

Mr. Max G., Firefighter - January 10, 2015

This is based on just one morning's experience, but I've signed up for more. My goal is to be able to fall safely, and if I stick with this that goal should be met. The class was mostly kids, and to my surprise, mostly girls. Mr. Werth has a very engaging style and is good with kids, some of whom are more serious than others. Apparently he's also good with old folks like me - not wanting me to overdo it at first. He may have included the initial instruction on falling backwards because I was there - clearly the other students are a lot more advanced. So I can recommend him for his obvious skill and flexible approach, all done with good humor.

Ms. Joan L., Student - November 22, 2014

My experience with Sensei Werth has been a wonderful experience. I am enjoying his class. I enjoy the fact that after he demonstrates moves he comes by each individual and will watch how we do the moves as his students and is there to explain anything we are uncertain of and show us how to correct any errors we have. I hope to be able to learn the moves quicker and one day even teach it. I look forward to working with him more and achieve all I can through him.

Mr. Marcel E., Student - October 29, 2014

My sense of feeling when I walked into the environment was extraordinary. It was a feeling of acceptance no matter what you look like or what ethnicity. Everyone is accepted for who they are. You become a family with other people with the same interest of Aikido, Taekwon-Do, or any of the JapaneseĀ orĀ Korean practices of Martial Arts. The Senseis/teachers are amazing with children. They make it fun to learn for the children as well as the smaller children. I especially enjoy talking with the Senseis about goals for my children and to watch my children learn about themselves.

Ms. Lynn M. and Mr. Mike C., Parents - March 6, 2014