I am foster/grandma to my three grandchildren. My 11-year-old grandson has always been excited to try martial arts but is not a competitive child. He was allowed to try both Aikido and Taekwondo classes and chose Aikido. It has been a great class for him. He likes the style of teaching, his classmates and Sempai. He likes the opportunity to be successful in class every week. We are very pleased with the school, the discipline and most of all that my grandson loves it.

Ms. Patricia B., Grandma - May 1, 2015

My experience at MSMA has been excellent. The staff have been wonderful and I have had an excellent experience every time I am there. I highly recommend MSMA. The approach involves more than just learning techniques but understanding the meaning behind the techniques and how they apply in the real world.  Join me there!

Mr. Derek T., Student - April 26, 2015

I was quite impressed with the way Sensei Werth greeted us before class, having been fully prepped on the quirks of my sometimes overly sensitive 8-year old. What impressed me most is that he met us in regular clothing before dressing to lead the class - thereby giving my son an opportunity to interact with him as a regular person he might meet on the street as opposed to another instructor we'd visited a few years prior, who was already engaged in teaching students. My son was "incorporated" into the class, not just to observe, but to participate so he'd have a much better (hands on) opportunity to understand how the class was run. What continued to impress me was that Sensei Werth continued to be the genuine individual he is and not morph into someone teaching in a rote manner - he managed to meet each individual in the family class where they were, without judgement and clearly giving them the respect he aspired to be given himself. I wish I could introduce you to my son as a part of this review as it's difficult to relay in writing how challenging he can be. He is silly at times, has hopelessly high expectations of his abilities (and himself) at other times...he's probably just like any other boy aged 8-10 years old, but the only one that I've had to raise. He's funny and smart, but always thinking, thinking, thinking, and if he thinks he can't master something right away, he's ready to throw in the towel and quit. Sensei Werth has a manner about him that is curious, respectful and encouraging - basically the patience of a saint when it comes to young children. How he and the co-owner of the dojo manage essentially a pack of wild wolves (boys) during a class (we've been to 3 now!) is amazing. Wait, don't think there's only young children in this class as well as beginners - no, there are adults and parents participating as well! My martial arts experience is limited and from well over 20 years ago, so I like to think I have a good idea of how classes can be run. My experience is more from a self-defense prospect; I very much enjoyed classes offered by my Sensei in college, but he did have a slightly different approach when he was addressing larger groups of individuals at varying levels and practicing Go-Jo-Ru Karate. Sensei Werth's approach with students seems much more gentle and individualized - skills are not rushed and everyone is encouraged to participate at their level - whether it be skill and/or energy. Overall, this has been a very rewarding experience and I look forward to seeing my son's self-confidence (the secondary goal) grow and hope he's able to learn how to efficiently and safely burn off his abundant energy (primary goal).

Ms. Crystal D., Master of Public Health - March 25, 2015

My son has been attending this dojo for almost 5 years.  He absolutely loves it.  Not only has the training helped him to focus in school but it has improved his overall confidence.  There is a true sense of community and support here.  I would recommend attending to anyone.

Ms. Melissa P., Mother - February 11, 2015