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Chiba Sensei – On Weapons in Aikido Training

The following article was posted on the Biran Online blog in September of 2014, a year before Chiba Sensei's passing, yet his words I have only discovered today resonate with me in light of the training we have been doing at our dojo and during our visits to Long Mountain Aikido.  As this website progresses…

Birankai 2016 Summer Camp Registration is up!

  Birankai Summer Camp 2016 Registration Camp Housing is suite style with three or four bedrooms sharing a common room and two bathrooms.  A single room means you'll have a room to yourself in a suite. A double room means you'll share a room in a suite. There are only a limited amount of single rooms.…

The Course of Nature

The Course of Nature Posted on Biran Online February 29, 2016 Dear Birankai Colleagues, At our 2015 Summer Camp, many of you had an opportunity to meet my friend, Amnon Tzechovoy Sensei, Shidoin, of Birankai Israel (Tel Aviv), and to purchase his remarkable new book, Seeking the Unicorn: Philosophical and Psychoanalytical Insights into the Practice…